For Instant Alerts & Updates: MailServe's Web SMS Gateway

Stay connected and informed with MailServe's Web SMS gateway, seamlessly integrating with your organization's systems to facilitate instant alerts and updates from desktop to mobile devices. Our hosted service allows users to stay connected to customers, promote products, or run small campaigns with the convenience of a single click. With an easy-to-use interface and monitoring capabilities, Web SMS is provided in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, eliminating capital or maintenance costs for your organization.

Key features of MailServe's Web SMS gateway include:

  • Instant SMS Delivery: Send SMS over the Internet instantly to any GSM/CDMA number in India.
  • Small SMS Campaigns: Run small SMS campaigns addressing up to 99 customers simultaneously.
  • Message Logs: View logs for message details and sender & recipient numbers to monitor service usage.
  • SMS Quota Monitoring: Keep track of your SMS quota with reports providing total SMS sent and available balance.
  • Custom Sender ID: Make customers aware of the SMS origin by sending a phone number as the 'From' label for easy reply.

Explore our Web SMS pricing to find the perfect SMS pack for your organization's needs:

SMS Packs Rate Per Pack Rs.
5,000 SMS 6,250
10,000 SMS 10,000
20,000 SMS 18,000
25,000 SMS 20,000
50,000 SMS 37,500
100,000 SMS 60,000
250,000 SMS 125,000
500,000 SMS 225,000
1,000,000 SMS 400,000

Terms and conditions apply:

  • SMS packs come with 1-year validity.
  • Renewal of service is required upon consumption of the permissible SMS quota or expiry of validity.
  • Prices are subject to change based on service development and government levies.
  • Service Tax and/or any other applicable government levies will be added for Indian customers.

Stay connected and informed with MailServe's Web SMS gateway. Explore our pricing options and start sending instant alerts and updates today.