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Hybrid Email
Hybrid Email

Optimize Your Budget

All your email users typically do not need the extended features available in Microsoft Exchange or Gmail. When you combine Hosted Exchange, Office 365 or Google Apps with PostMaster Enterprise and/or MailServe, you can meet the needs of all your users and still save a significant sum of money.

Enjoy Flexible Choices

You can mix and match across multiple email servers or cloud email options. For example, you can use an in-house Exchange server or Office 365 for your senior management and keep your core email users on PostMaster Enterprise. For even more flexibility and peace of mind you could opt for Hosted PostMaster Enterprise or MailServe.

Works With Your Existing Services

Whether on-premise or hosted, PostMaster Enterprise is a tried and tested email server with an incredible range of versatile features. MailServe offers fewer features but with the higher levels of reliability and scalability of a full-fledged SaaS – and both of these combine seamlessly with other (more expensive) email services.

Centralized Administrative Control

Whether you opt for in-premise PostMaster Enterprise or hosted, you get to manage your users seamlessly across service-providers through our easy-to-use management interface. And with MailServe, this goes up to higher levels of granular control.

Hybrid Email Solutions from QLC – Pay As You Go, Pay For What You Need.

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