Web SMS Pricing

Our MailServe SMS Services are designed keeping in mind the quantum of SMS traffic that you may be generating.

MailServe Web SMS pricing is available in the following convenient SMS packs:

SMS Packs Rate Per Pack Rs.
5,000 SMS 6,250
10,000 SMS 10,000
20,000 SMS 18,000
25,000 SMS 20,000
50,000 SMS 37,500
100,000 SMS 60,000
250,000 SMS 125,000
500,000 SMS 225,000
1,000,000 SMS 400,000


  • Your monthly consumption will be monitored and in case your consumption exceeds the Permissible SMS quota, invoice for excess usage will be raised.
  • The excess transfer charges are calculated on a pro-rata basis.


  • SMS packs come with 1 year validity.
  • Renewal of service will be required in case of you have consumed the Permissible Data Transfer OR in the event of expiry of the validity period, whichever comes earlier.
  • Prices are subject to change in view of development of new services, features and plug-ins.
  • Prices mentioned do not include the cost of migration, training and support. The same will be extra.
  • For Indian customers, Service Tax and/ or any other Govt levies in force/ as applicable will be levied on the above mentioned prices.