Empower Your Email Experience with SmartEmail

Are you hesitating to upgrade to the latest smartphone because of email woes? SmartEmail is here to revolutionise your email management experience.

We understand the challenges of dealing with email overload, from the surge in junk mail to the flood of FYI messages. That's why SmartEmail focuses on making your email smarter and your life less stressful.

With SmartEmail, only the messages that truly matter receive your immediate attention. Our innovative email filtering system allows you to customise what lands in your Inbox and what goes directly to your smartphone. No more manual BCC-ing or tedious marking of emails to ensure synchronisation across devices – SmartEmail keeps everything perfectly in sync, whether you're accessing your email from your laptop, webmail, or smartphone.

The Mobile Inbox feature from MailServe enhances email filtering by delivering only the most urgent messages to your smartphone, allowing you to stay productive on the go. Plus, messages sent from your smartphone are seamlessly saved in the appropriate folders without the need for manual intervention.

Priority Inbox, another SmartEmail feature, offers advanced email filtering capabilities, enabling you to prioritise important emails and separate them from the clutter effortlessly.

Ready to experience the convenience and efficiency of SmartEmail? We offer a hassle-free trial setup, where you can test our solution using a temporary sub-domain or test space. Don't let email management hold you back any longer – reclaim your Inbox with SmartEmail today!

Contact us to start your trial and say goodbye to email woes once and for all. Your senior management will thank you.