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What’s holding you back from switching to the latest, greatest smartphone, whichever one you think it is?

If the answer is email, then we have just the solution for you!

We understand the difficulties you face in dealing with your email. Junk mail is on the rise, and while service providers do all they can, our solutions can, at best, be reactive, i.e. we tackle every new trick that spammers come up with, after they come up with it. So at any given time, there’s always going to be between 2-7% of junk email that will get delivered to you.

Then there’s the ever-growing number of emails that you’re ‘marked’ to, i.e. the FYI messages, which may not have anything to do with what you have to get done. Alas, there’s no solution for this but to give them a lower priority and to go through them in whatever manner you use to process information.

Only 15 – 25% of the messages that you receive are important and require your prompt attention, and this is what SmartEmail is all about.

SmartEmail ensures that your email gets smarter, and you less stressed. SmartEmail enables email filtering by letting you decide what goes where, what you’d like to see in your Inbox, and what should get delivered to your smartphone. And most important, all mail including mail sent from your smartphone stay perfectly in sync, without having to mark a ‘bcc:’ to yourself, which is what you would be doing on your current smartphone!

And here’s the clincher – whether you access your email from your laptop, Web mail or your smartphone, they’re all in perfect sync – which is why we call it SmartEmail!

So if you’ve been longing to switch to the latest iOS or Android smartphone, but were being held back because they don’t support email filtering services you’ve become used to, then you’re going to love SmartEmail.

SmartEmail – Mobile Inbox

SmartEmail – Priority Inbox

Interested? We’d be glad to set up a trial for you, all you’d need to do is to temporarily create a sub-domain (like and get in touch. And we can have you up and going in a matter of hours.

If creating a sub-domain is inconvenient, we can create a test space for you with ID’s like, for the purpose of evaluating. So what are you waiting for? Hasn’t your senior management troubled you enough already?

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