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Smart FTP
Smart FTP

Your partner for intelligent data archiving

Our Smart FTP service enables the organization to store digital information in one central archive, and permits its users to share files and work on these as a team or separately, as they wish. It safeguards your organization against threats like natural disasters and virus attacks by permanently storing this data on the cloud. Business continuity ensured in one easy step! You also get visibility into activity on the store and can build brand value by customizing the site name.

With Smart FTP in place, your organization gets:

  • Control: We enable the organization to control the FTP archive by providing user access management tools. The administrator can conveniently create and manage user accounts and set permissions and control access to the FTP store to protect business information from human error.
  • Easy Transfer: Users can easily transfer files of any size and type without having to worry about rejection by the mail server.
  • Collaboration: We support concurrent, multi-user access to the FTP store for collaboration even at the document level. The organization can easily keep track of the data stream and extract the needed information as the difficulty of keeping track of multiple versions of emailed documents is eliminated. Users can save the document in the FTP store and retrieve it easily whenever required.
  • Large Storage: We offer convenient storage options and can quickly provision extra space on demand.
  • Permanency: As all data is stored on the cloud, the archive is permanent and is a major step towards ensuring business continuity and disaster management.
  • Alerts: The administrator is instantly alerted about changes or updates to the FTP store via email and/or SMS*.
  • Usage Statistics: Detailed statistics about uploads, downloads, file modifications and all other user activity is logged so that you can audit the FTP usage.
  • Branding: We support custom FTP branding by facilitating use of the organization’s domain; e.g.,
  • Support for all FTP clients: Users can use any FTP client as we fully support the FTP Standard, according to RFC959. All FTP clients such as Fetch, WS_FTP, and FileZilla are supported.

*Works only if MailServe – Web SMS service has been availed from QLC.

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