Smart FTP

Your Partner for Intelligent Data Archiving: Smart FTP

Experience seamless file storage and collaboration with Smart FTP, your organization's solution for intelligent data archiving. Our service empowers users to store digital information in a central archive, facilitating collaboration and ensuring business continuity in the face of threats like natural disasters and virus attacks.

Key features of Smart FTP include:

  • Control: Easily manage user access with user access management tools, allowing administrators to create and manage user accounts, set permissions, and control access to protect business information.
  • Easy Transfer: Transfer files of any size and type without worrying about rejection by the mail server, ensuring seamless file transfer.
  • Collaboration: Support concurrent, multi-user access for collaboration at the document level, eliminating the difficulty of tracking multiple versions of emailed documents.
  • Large Storage: Enjoy convenient storage options with the ability to quickly provision extra space on demand.
  • Permanency: Benefit from permanent storage on the cloud, ensuring business continuity and disaster management.
  • Alerts: Receive instant alerts about changes or updates to the FTP store via email and/or SMS, ensuring timely action.
  • Usage Statistics: Access detailed statistics about uploads, downloads, file modifications, and user activity, enabling efficient auditing of FTP usage.
  • Branding: Customize the FTP branding with the organization's domain, enhancing brand value and recognition.
  • Support for all FTP Clients: Utilize any FTP client with full support for the FTP Standard, ensuring compatibility with popular FTP clients like Fetch, WS_FTP, and FileZilla.

Ensure seamless file storage, collaboration, and business continuity with Smart FTP from MailServe. Explore our Smart FTP pricing to find the perfect solution for your organization's data archiving needs.