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Enterprise Mobility – Anytime, anywhere access. And more!

We have designed the MobiServe platform to provide a virtual workplace by allowing users to access and manage their official “to do” list on handhelds or desktops/laptops from anywhere, at anytime. The hosted service combines reliability with accessibility to make the Internet more productive for organizations by giving their users real-time access to emails, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes, even on the move! The intuitive, uncomplicated enterprise mobility service is provided in the Software-as-a Service model, freeing the organization from deployment and maintenance costs.

MobiServe also synchronizes all emails sent from a handheld on MS Outlook or Web mail to give users a record of all their communications. A feature that even the best-selling services of the day do not offer!

MobiServe offers users complete business connectivity on a handheld or desktop/laptop by allowing them to:

  • Stay in touch: As we support reading, managing, replying to and forwarding emails from SMTP/POP accounts, users can stay aware about business developments even while traveling. They can easily collaborate as a team, review reports, chase promising business leads, set up appointments, or manage customer accounts remotely because MobiServe lets them set the pace to stay productive.
  • View all emails: Users can access and manage emails from accounts that are not hosted on MailServe, thus gaining a complete picture of matters that need attention.
  • Manage Calendar: Users are able to review their schedule by viewing and managing the calendar and tasks. They can decide what they have to do and schedule it for the day on which it’s to be done, and review and fix the time of official appointments at a click.
  • Update Contacts: Users can view and manage their official contacts easily as the service updates their business directory instantly. This way, they will never miss out on adding important contacts to the contacts list or on updating the list with the latest changes.
  • Access Notes: Users are allowed to view, create and manage notes seamlessly across all their devices, for any official information/work. They will always have access to this information on critical business matters and will be able to add to it whenever required, wherever they may be. This also helps them to track task progress easily.

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