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Virus barricades and junk-mail filters outside your network to reclaim your inbox!

MailServe offers MailPush as a hosted, no-maintenance solution that delivers continuously updated protection to block junk mail, viruses and other threats well before it reaches your network. While viruses are destructive and can cripple your organization’s systems, spam is a nuisance every time – especially when used to spread offensive content – and can also be very dangerous as it is used for phishing, embedding Trojans or taking over the user’s computer. The combined damage on productivity is immense and growing.

Early on, we, at QLC, recognized the need to implement high-performance online tools that provide the best possible levels of protection against these threats and hence, have designed MailPush to give you a quick, and reliable mechanism to avoid the pain; by blocking spam and virus infestation across the enterprise. We have tied up with SpamExperts to provide their proven Internet security technology to our customers. We use their highly regarded filter and Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) based screening layers that are founded on a unique, cloud-based approach and protects effectively in all languages and formats. We also use ClamAV, which specializes in protecting networks of any size or level of complexity from all types of modern malware, spyware and viruses, and also for detection and removal of malicious content from emails & attachments.

With MailPush in place, you get:

  • Multi-layered scanning of your inbound email flow by MailPush server before it enters your network
  • Powerful and recognized Anti-virus & Anti-spam engines to handle both threats
  • First level of scanning for blocking malicious content and second level for filtering junk emails
  • Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) mechanism for an intelligent, self-learning engine that can be trained as per your requirements
  • Anti-virus and Anti-spam engines that are always up-to-date with the latest virus and spam definitions
  • Industry’s lowest false positive rate
  • Quarantine function so that important mails are not filtered out.
  • Reservation of decision rights with your administrator for emails on which filter based action is not possible
  • Privacy maintained as content is not analyzed or recorded
  • Backup of all your emails for 72 hours of protection against loss of business data even if the server crashes

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