Email Hosting

Effortless Communication, Enhanced Security: MailServe's Managed Email Hosting

Unlock seamless communication across your organisation with MailServe's advanced Email Hosting service. Powered by a cutting-edge platform supporting IMAP, SMTP, POP, and Webmail, our service effortlessly streamlines communication across divisions and locations.

For administrators, our browser-based control panel provides powerful management capabilities without the complexities of platform management. From managing mailbox quotas to defining sophisticated routing rules, MailServe offers administrative convenience at every step.

Meanwhile, users benefit from a multitude of innovative features designed to boost productivity. With the freedom to access emails anytime, anywhere, and the flexibility to utilise Email Hosting even with domain services from another provider, MailServe ensures unparalleled flexibility.

Key features of MailServe's Email Hosting platform include:

  • Administrative Convenience: Easily manage mailbox quotas, routing rules, email forwarding, and more.
  • Virus Barricades and Junk-Mail Filters: Safeguard your network with complete scanning of inbound email flow, blocking malicious emails, and filtering junk emails before they enter your organisation's network.
  • Organized Central Storage: Create an archive store of email flow for convenient access and secure storage.
  • Create an Identity for the Organisation: Provide users with email IDs like, utilise domain signatures, and re-brand the interface with your organisation's logo.
  • ISP Independence: Enjoy authenticated SMTP relays for sending emails, ensuring complete ISP independence.
  • Webmail Access: Access customised Webmail with your organisation's name and logo, along with a global address book for user convenience.

Experience effortless communication and enhanced security with MailServe's Managed Email Hosting. Explore our Email Hosting pricing to find the perfect solution for your organisation.