Domain Registration

Secure Your Online Presence with Domain Registration

Our Domain Registration service offers instant and efficient registration of Indian and international domain names, ensuring your organisation's identity on the Internet. With knowledgeable customer service and hassle-free processes, we make domain management easy for both new and existing customers.

Key features of our Domain Registration service include:

  • Registration: Quickly register domain names for your organisation, whether it's an Indian or international domain.
  • Renewal and Transfer: Easily renew existing domains or transfer them to another organisation as needed.
  • Private Domain Names: Register private domain names to keep contact information secure and protected from spammers and telemarketers.

Add-on benefits

  • Protection: Enable domain locking to prevent unauthorised transactions and protect against hijacking by hackers.
  • Alerts: Receive domain expiry alerts and reminders 60 days before expiry to ensure timely renewal.
  • Record-Keeping: Benefit from our maintenance of DNS records, ensuring smooth domain management.
  • Domain Forwarding: Utilize domain forwarding to point multiple domains to the same website, enhancing your online presence.
  • Control: Maintain complete control over your domain, with the ability to request modifications to name server records and other essential settings.

Experience peace of mind and control over your online identity with MailServe's Domain Registration service. Contact us today to get started!