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Document Management Service
Document Management Service

MailServe DMS is a comprehensive cloud based document management system that lets you store, share and collaborate on your documents from anywhere and at any time, securely and conveniently. The system allows multiple users to work simultaneously on a single document and all the changes get synced in real-time. The online storage facility ensures that you no longer need to worry about data-loss due to device failures.

DMS allows sharing a file with a large group of people by providing a link to the file. Now all those large sized files that cannot be sent as attachments on email can be easily shared through a link to the team members and people outside your organization.

Features & Benefits:

Document Storage: MailServe DMS offers easy storage in cloud where all the files and folders are electronically stored. Since all the documents are kept in a central repository, the users can easily retrieve a specific document with a quick search.

Document Search: The interface offers simple & quick access to documents; no chaotic folder structures. Whether it’s a search based on the document details or a search based on the content of a document, the users can easily find a document just by typing the keywords.

Share and Collaborate: DMS empowers your teams to share content inside and outside of your organization. It allows co-editors to work on the same file collaboratively and any changes made are updated seamlessly in real-time. A variety of tools like Highlight, Comment, Review, Tags, Search and Favorites are available for the users to collaborate on the same document.

Version Control: The Document Versioning feature enables the users to keep a track of all the changes that have been made on a single document. This helps the users to refer to these changes whenever needed.

Document Security: Security is one of the most critical aspects of a document management system. MailServe provides an unprecedented amount of security with Robust & Flexible Permissions. Moreover, all your data is stored in a secured virtual space that saves your data from the malware attacks, device loss, or natural disasters.

Device Independent: DMS gives you universal Access from your Favorite Device.

Expiry & Notifications: Users can set an expiry to the documents & get Email Notifications.

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