These are some of the tangible and intangible benefits of associating with us:

Brand Support

  • You will be promoting arguably India’s best-selling email server for SME’s – PostMaster; with more than 7500 installations, PostMaster is a recognized and accepted brand with all the value that this provides you.
  • The power to confidently enter the ‘Email & Messaging’ space – among the most high-involvement and business-critical areas of IT.
  • A suite of products & services that enable you to deliver ‘complete solutions’ within this space.
  • An obsessive focus on providing compelling value to the end customer through a dynamic mix of product offerings and pricing

Sales Support

  • In those locations where we’re physically present, our sales and support executives will work closely with you and your team to fully address your customer requirements, right from the lead qualifying stage.
  • Lead-locking and renewal-alerts to ensure that you enjoy the rewards of your customer relationships.
  • The capability to offer your customers the best possible support infrastructure in our category – we can roll-out our products and services in over 50 locations across India through a single point of coordination for you.

Technical Support

  • A dedicated and responsive technical support team who will work with you over email, instant messenger and phone to ensure a trouble-free customer site.
  • Detailed technical and support documentation to help you know as much as you like about our products & services and what they can deliver.
  • Regular QLC E-Alert newsletters updating you of the latest product, marketing and technical developments in QLC

Marketing Support

  • Comprehensive sales and marketing training for your Marketing & Support Executive.
  • A wealth of marketing collateral to facilitate your sales process.
  • Regular schemes and promotions for you and your customers.
  • We’re extremely open to joint promotions and marketing activities, both above and below the line.

Needless to say, all this comes over and above a very rewarding pricing and margin policy, which recognizes and appreciates technical excellence and customer orientation. Please Contact Us to get more details.

What do we expect from you – a commitment to ensure that your customers are delighted! Check out our expectations.

Other Offerings

Product PortfolioFieldSense, PostMaster, MailServe & Backtrack are our other recognized and established offerings
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