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The Web SMS gateway seamlessly integrates with the organization’s systems to facilitate instant alerts and updates from a desktop to a mobile device. This hosted service allows users to stay connected to customers, promote the organization’s products or even run small campaigns at the convenience of a single-click. The easy-to-use interface also supports monitoring of all activities on the gateway. What’s more, Web SMS is provided in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, where we set-up and run the service without the organization incurring capital or maintenance costs.

Web SMS allows the organization to:

  • Instantly send SMS over the Internet to any GSM/CDMA number in India
  • Run small SMS campaigns addressing as many as 99 customers simultaneously
  • View logs for message details, and sender & recipient numbers to monitor use of this service
  • Keep a check on your SMS quota with a report that provides the total number of SMSs sent and the count of balance SMSs available
  • Make customers aware about the origin of the SMS by sending a phone number as the ‘From’ label to which they can easily reply

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