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MailServe’s Email Hosting service uses a state-of-the-art platform, which supports IMAP, SMTP, POP, and Web mail email hosting for effortlessly streamlining communications across divisions and locations. Our Email Hosting service provides your administrator with a powerful, browser-based control panel that allows management of every aspect of every account across your domains, without the pain of managing the platform. For your users, the service has a multiplicity of innovative features that help them to use their time productively, combined with the freedom of accessing emails from anywhere and at anytime. Flexibility is built into the platform – your organization can use Email Hosting even if it has availed domain services from another service provider.

MailServe’s Email Hosting platform provides your organization with:

Administrative convenience

  • Manage mailbox quotas for organizational users.
  • Define sophisticated routing rules.
  • View graphs of user-wise email usage statistics.
  • Set email forwarding rules.
  • Set caps on size of inbound emails for individual users.
  • Create email aliases for recipient groups.

Virus barricades and Junk-mail filters outside the network

  • Complete scanning of the inbound email flow for blocking malicious emails and filtering junk emails, at SpamFree server, before it enters your organization’s network.
  • Powerful and recognized Antivirus and Anti-spam engines. To handle both threats as we have tied up with Commtouch Software Ltd to provide their highly regarded filter and Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) based screening layers for our customers’ email, and with Vexira Antivirus for detection and removal of malicious content from emails & attachments.

Organized Central Storage – Permanent, Convenient

  • Create an archive store of the entire email flow in a separate POP account.
  • Restrict unauthorized access to this sensitive business information.
  • Download and inject required emails into the user’s mailbox whenever needed.

Create an identity for the organization

  • Provide all your users with email IDs like
  • Use domain signatures in email.
  • Re-brand the interface with your organization’s logo.

ISP Independence

  • Authenticated SMTP Relay for sending emails, through any number of domains you manage.
  • Complete ISP independence.

Web mail

  • Access to customized Web mail with your organization’s name and logo.
  • Web mail access URLs with your organization’s name; e.g. webmail.domainname
  • Global Address Book for the convenience of all Web mail users.

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