Authenticated SMTP

A reliable, lightning-quick email gateway that is always available and secure

Authenticated SMTP is an easy-to-use yet powerful utility from MailServe that integrates everything an organization needs for ISP/network/device independent emailing. Now, your organization can have a single, fixed outgoing SMTP server address for sending all email, no matter which network your users are sending from, or what their IP address is, or whether they are at their workstations or using a smartphone/laptop. Your ISP will delay sending your email when it is overloaded or blocked, but Authenticated SMTP ensures speedy delivery as it supports multiple, concurrent connections.

This service easily integrates with your organization’s emailing system to give you:

  • Authenticated SMTP Relay for sending emails through any number of domains you manage – all parameters replaced with correct values on-the-fly
  • Spam and malware screening to avoid blacklisting of IP
  • Support for all major mail server operating systems and software
  • Bulk filtering to keep a check on bulk mail count
  • Correct and reverse DNS entries to facilitate ISP notifications for complaints & improving deliverability
  • Multiple logins using the same account
  • Logs and statistics with details of email bounces and delays
  • Advertisement-free flow of outbound emails
  • Ability to send up to 30 emails per minute
  • Privacy ensured as your ISP’s SMTP server is excluded from the flow
  • Speedy message delivery and high uptime

Have a look at our Authenticated SMPT pricing.

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